Dr. Michael Czubiak, owner of Camarillo Smiles, Camarillo, CA.

"Years ago, I was having another round of practice management coaching with a dental consultant and although I wanted to blame my team for not keeping up with the systems and causing my practice to plateau, it donned on me that it was me to blame. My skills for keeping the team going in the direction that I wanted were horrible. I embarked on a quest to learn the leadership skills that I so sorely lacked and now, it has never been more enjoyable to practice dentistry.
In speaking with dentists from all around the country, I hear of the same frustrations with their practices. Having been there, I can really feel for them. The diagnosis was easy: lack of leadership skills. The treatment, well, that used to be much more difficult. So Steve Sperry and I developed Lotus leadership for dentists to make the process easier, more efficient, even fun. Our testimonials say it all."

Mike is a practicing dentist and hands on leader and trainer of his TEAM. Mike has also been helping dental practices to respond correctly to changing economic times for over 25 years. He started in 1982 during the recession of the early 80’s and has since helped other dental practices achieve their goals no matter what the economy was trying to dictate, all the while maintaining his own private practice.

Steve Sperry, owner of Inventive Dental Solutions.

"After almost 30 years in this business, Lotus is the best gift I could give any dentist.   Learning how to create freedom in their lives is precious to me. Why can't you spend more time away from work? Make more money and reduce stress? I have always said life is all about the stories you live and tell. Lotus is our story and gift to others. Our best gift. The gift of knowledge and empowerment."

Steve has been providing dental specific coaching, consulting, practice management and marketing services for over 25 years and is the past founder of the largest dental consulting firm in the Southwest. Steve has worked hands-on with over 5000 practices; developing and implementing strategic business plans and models for growth and a lifetime of success.